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Floodchek has a mission, eliminate washing machine hose failures

Failures of supply hoses account for more than half of all washing machine-related losses.



Floodchek washing machine hose comparison

As I was doing one of my routine walk throughs of our home to explore uncommon areas that could use cleaning or what may need improving; inspecting the washing machine hoses expiration was one of the things that crossed my mind. And they were actually a little past their replace by date (typical hose lifespan is every 5-7 years…expire date is printed or tagged on the hose).

As mentioned, hose replacement isn’t very frequent, and you never know what the latest product offerings may provide at local home improvement stores, but I quickly became defeated when all the available washing machine hose selections were just variations of the same cheap rubber or stainless steel. Yes, I know, people may think “stainless steel, it must be good”. But, in this case it just provides a more attractive and abrasive resistant outer cover with no real internal benefits to retard the effect of washing machine hose bursting.

I thought back on my automotive performance background where I spent a great deal of time and energy sorting out proper hoses and was well aware of what makes a quality hose and the importance of how the fittings and hose are assembled. What I was seeing sold as standard washing machine hoses was not up to par from what I considered quality and safe hoses.

I took to the internet in hope of finding a better washing machine hose, and I did, Floodchek.

Floodcheck premium washing machine hoses

Note: Because of the thicker material and reinforced end connections, the bend radius is larger than standard washing machine hoses. With straight Floodchek hose fittings, a safe bend radius distance from front edge of connector and wall should be a minimum of 6″. Consider purchasing the 45° degree connectors as an option to minimize wall to washer clearance if need be.

Washing machine hose failure and mass damage is very real

Even if you’ve never had, nor know of anyone that has had a washing machine hose failure, doesn’t mean the problem isn’t very real. Having the best washing machine hose is no different than any other insurance policy in an attempt to avoid the disaster of a flooded home.

Failures of supply hoses accounted for more than half of all washing machine-related losses.
Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS)

And the fact remains, with all other washing machine hoses needing replacement several times during the 20 year lifespan of Floodchek hoses, you’re not saving any money, and will actually be spending more overall on other brands and models.

What makes Floodchek hoses superior?

In my view, what makes Floodchek hoses the clear winner in the washing machine hose market is that they surpassed everyone by a significant margin on creating the best quality hose. Another real consideration is that with manufacturing being a common change amongst other brands (who knows if “X” brand of hose will be looking for the next lowest bidder and suffer even more), the Floodchek hoses will be sure to keep their integrity with the same high standards.

Steve Vargo – President of Floodchek, didn’t find the minimal standards of washing machine hoses acceptable. The Floodchek brand strives to ensure water damage doesn’t happen to you.

For me, the Floodchek brand provides a superior product for a very important task, and at the same time removes all the guesswork and doubt from “which hose should I buy…this brand…this type…etc.”.  Now I feel 100% confident that I made the right purchase and can focus on the next task.

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