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Flex Trim Flexible Moulding

Flex Trim flexible moulding

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Flex Trim Flexible Moulding

Flex Trim Flexible Moulding

The Flex Trim brand offers several types of flexible moulding, covering every type of profile and accessory (keystone – corner block – rosette), to allow more versatility for your trim needs. Get all the benefits of wood trim, but none of the limitations.

Walls are never perfectly flat, so even a seemingly simple project of adding moulding to a wall to create a decorative frame can cause large gaps using typical rigid trim. Flex Trim contours to any irregularities in the surface and easily applied with construction adhesive. No need for nailers and nail hole filling.

Installation should be painless when following the Flex Trim installation tips.

Our mold manufacturing technology allows us to exactly replicate stain-grade wood mouldings, regardless of wood species. Any grain pattern or species characteristic will become part of the flexible finished product.

Flex trim moulding is stainable and shows woodgrain

Flex Product Variants

Flex Trim™
The original Flex Trim flexible moulding. A unique polymer resin blend. The ideal solution for most standard flexible moulding applications.

The state-of-the-art in flexible moulding technology. ZzzzFLEX is an elastomer composite developed for the most demanding and complex radius applications. An ideal solution for cold weather climates because it is more pliable. Use ZzzzFLEX for small intricate patterns and tight curvatures.

A syntactic polyurethane compound with a cellular composition structure similar to wood. One of the main advantages of this material is that it’s 40-50% lighter than other flexible moulding formulations, yet retains the necessary strength and durability. An ideal solution for very large moulding profiles. PRE-PRIMED for superior painting and staining and is “back sanded” for better glue adhesion. It works great for both interior and exterior applications and has outstanding performance in cold and hot climates.

More questions? Visit the Flex Trim FAQ page

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