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Review: Dial Industries Expand-A-Drawer Organizer

Using a drawer organizer in the bathroom, not only helps contain and find all those many small objects much easier, but also having these same objects separated and not mixing together can be a good hygienic practice.

Now, finding a proper drawer organizer for narrow drawers (13-15″ range) allows plenty of options, but, finding a suitable organizer for a much wider drawer came as a bigger challenge, especially when keeping a modest budget in mind.

After a fair amount of investigating I found the expandable bathroom vanity drawer organizer from Dial Industries to be a great solution for wide drawer storage that will keep all your bathroom essentials separated and decluttered, along with being affordable.

The huge benefit with the Dial organizer are the adjustable and removable end pieces. You now have options to fully fill a variety of drawer widths, and, by using 2x drawer organizers (example’s below), you can completely fill the widest of drawers.

NOTE: The inner molded tray portion (non-adjustable section) ensures that a leaking container of any kind will not leach into the next compartment.

Want to re-arrange? There are an abundance of compartments that allow you to organize effectively to your current wants and needs.

  • Constructed of thick and durable plastic
  • A single organizer measures¬†2 1/4″tall x 16″deep and expands from 9″ to 16″wide
  • Made in the USA

**After years of use, our white trays have signs of staining from make-up that can’t be 100% removed, but no cracking or deterioration otherwise.

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How multiple Expand-a-Drawer organizers can help fill a variety of wide drawer sizes:


2 x organizers - adjusts to a maximum of 32
2 x organizers – remove inside trays and adjusts 19-24″ wide


Drawer organizer for wide drawers up to 32"
2 x organizers with fully extended sides – adjusts to a maximum of 32″ wide

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