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dsignedby. Kitch’T Compact Kitchen

European designed compact kitchen

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dsignedby. Kitch’T Compact Kitchen

dsignedby. Kitch’T Compact Kitchen

For the person that lives in a small space, doesn’t need mass kitchen storage, but appreciates great design and appearance, the dsignedby. Kitch’T is a beautiful example of modern style with function.

Once I got past the attractive fascia, I was even more impressed by the core components:

Dimensions: 143.7×36.2×35.4″ (365x92x90cm)

Learn more about Dupont’s Corian material

dsignedby. Kitch'T with Bosch Appliances

dsignedby. Kitch'T Comtemporary Compact Kitchen

dsignedby. Kitch'T Compact Refrigerator

dsignedby. Kitch'T Interior Storage Pullouts

dsignedby. Kitch'T Häfele Hardware

dsignedby. Kitch'T Compact Kitchen Functionality

dsignedby. Kitch'T Kitchen Charging Station

dsignedby. Kitch'T Waterworks Faucet

dsignedby. Kitch'T Compact Kitchen Cooktop

On paper, the Kitch’T appears to be a great addition and option for small kitchen design. Based on specs, I have no hesitation believing the final product will live up to expectations.

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