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Review: Dottus 3-Drawer Metal Shoe Cabinet

Dottus 3-Drawer Shoe Cabinet

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Review: Dottus 3-Drawer Metal Shoe Cabinet

Review: Dottus 3-Drawer Metal Shoe Cabinet

Hide and organize that cluttered heap of shoes with this Italian designed Dottus metal shoe cabinet. It comes fully assembled and is easy to install with common wall anchors.

The Dottus metal shoe cabinet is a powder coated metal structure, available in gray or white, and available to the U.S. market in the 3-drawer version.

I’m happy we were able to get the 4-drawer version before it stopped becoming available. The extra storage in one unit is welcomed.

The wall-mounted design has a narrow profile,; helping the cabinet blend in a garage environment or closet without being a big distraction.

Multiple cabinets work well in a modular layout for maximum storage. Stack and place side-by-side.

Yes, the price tag is in the upper range, but we’ve experienced nothing but 100% reliability. You’re getting a quality shoe cabinet that will function and look good for years to come.

Dottus 3-Drawer Shoe Cabinet


  • 20″ x 6″ x 41″ h
  • Included are plastic bars, 1 per drawer, which lock in on both sides to help secure shoes when the drawers are folded close.

Shoes That Fit

  • Two pairs of men’s dress shoes up to size 10, per drawer.
  • Two pairs of men’s sneakers up to size 11, per drawer.
  • Two pairs of women’s dress shoes with heels, and one pair of flats, per drawer.

NOTE: Advertised pictures show women’s shoes with the heels placed upright as normal. But this will not work well in reality. High heel shoes will extend back too far and get hung up on the back of the cabinet wall in the middle of the opening and closing process. This can lead to the drawers getting jammed. Place shoes with heels on their sides, as shown, to create proper clearance.

Dottus Shoe Cabinet Modular Layout

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