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Door Stop Styles and Their Uses

A common, but maybe not highly recognized part of a home, is the doorstop or door bumper. These are simple devices to protect walls from door knob damage, or prop doors open, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look appealing.

There is an extensive amount of brands with different styles to choose from, and we’ll break down where to use each door stop type.

Doorstop Brands

Baseboard Door Stops

The baseboard wall bumper door stop is the most common style used in a residential application.

These doorstops are considered wall mount, but don’t confuse them with the wall bumper design, commonly used in commercial applications, where a rubber bumper is installed at the height of the door handle/knob.

Will range from the cheap spring styles with a nylon tip, that can be found at any home improvement store…to solid brass construction, that offer various colored soft rubber tips as an option.

Baseboard and Wall Door Stops


  • Some baseboard wall stops will have a wood screw attached to the base. You will most likely need a drill and drill bit to create a pilot hole, especially if no existing stop resides. (a) The doorstop installs via a tip mounted flat head screw design, which can be exposed by removing the rubber or vinyl push on tip. (b) There may also be a hex section of the body, whether full body design, or part of the body to attach a wrench.
  • The spring styles have a simple base plate and separate screw that install on the wall first. (a) Some models have you turn the spring section into the hole of the baseplate. (b) Some models are designed to pressure fit over an o-ring attached to a small stem of the baseplate.
  • Full installation article to come.


Door Hinge Stops

Hinge mounted stops are a great alternative to wall mount stops for several instances:

  • Door opens into a shower door or tub.
  • Wanting a more disguised stop, opposed to a long metal stem protruding off the baseboard.

Note: The hinge mounts are not nearly as strong and durable as the solid stem base board stops. Pushing on a door too hard can lead to damage.

Example shown is the Deltana HPA69 model, which we use in our home. Has a solid build quality, and the soft rubber bumpers absorb shock instead of leaving impressions in door trim. I have seen cheaper models break at the body, stop tips snap off, and plastic tips leave mars in the door trim.

Hinge pin mounted door stop


  • Hinge pin needs to be removed, then reinstalled with the door stop in place.
  • Full Installation article to come.


Weighted Floor Stops

These type of stops can have two different purposes.

  1. Stops with a rubber protective bumper can be placed and used like the door stops shown above.
  2. Weighted stops can prop doors open. e.g. Warmer months where doors and windows are open, and drafts can slam both interior and exterior doors shut.
  • If you prefer a contemporary design, Blomus may fill the need with their weighted floor door stops and door chocks.
  • A more rural look can be addressed by using a rope door stop.
  • There are also several options of heavy ornamental bronze or iron statues, decorative figurines, etc. that are sold as door stops. Any heavy object can be substituted as well. Refer to Design Toscano or Mud Pie examples.
Weighted door stops to prop doors open
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