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Disposable Cleaning Rags and Wipes

Disposable shop towels and wipes

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Disposable Cleaning Rags and Wipes

Paper towels don’t have the durability for certain cleanups, and ruining a linen towel for spills or leaks that may contain harsh chemicals or dyes may not make much sense either. Having the right disposable cleaning rags and  shop towels will minimize cleanup efforts.

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  • These durable and absorbent towels can handle a multitude of projects: staining, painting, cleaning tools and hands, or wiping up small spills.
  • Composition can range from delicate, to more aggressive, and low lint for glass cleaning.
  • Rolls are sized to fit a standard paper roll holder.

Home improvement and hardware stores (check paint and household cleaning product section) will carry more common general purpose towels and rags, but when in need of more specific wipes with a higher absorbency, chemical resistant or hold up to wet use better, check online.

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