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Deviehl Coffee Cups

Deviehl coffee cups speak for themselves in appearance alone. Delve into the technological facts and you’ll discover sophistication runs to the core. Each cup begins its process with handcrafted uniqueness and captures those same painstaking efforts to finalization.

Deviehl has this to say about their coffee cups, “Smart design using the latest techniques of nano-technology coatings. The construction achieves enhanced insulating properties to keep the coffee at a perfect temperature for longer. The inner contours are designed to optimize fluid dynamics and achieve the perfect crema. The escaping aroma is enhanced, delighting the sense of smell and please the palette.”

Dievehl coffee cups are handcrafted and hand finished
Dievehl coffee cups are handcrafted and hand finished

The fine porcelain cup (capacity: 2.4oz / 70ml) and companion – silver colour brushed finish – chassis can be finished with several exquisite materials. Choose from:

  • Exotic Woods: Cocobolo or  Zebrano – sourced from sustainable plantations. Finished with a high gloss multi-layer lacquer polish.
  • Carbon Fibre: Supreme tensile strength, low thermal expansion, and extreme rigidity.
  • Marble: A contradiction of seemingly pure material, whose beauty and identity derive from the mineral impurities within and the metamorphic process they undergo. These impurities determine the color, the uniqueness of each cup.
  • Leather: Made from a selection of finest leather skins. Prized for quality and texture, from only certified origins.

Deviehl products can be purchased at luxury retailers, including Amara, which also ships to the U.S.

*Sold in a set that includes: 1 ea. cup…holder…spoon.

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