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Stop Loud Slamming Cabinet Doors with Soft Close Hinges and Dampers

Does the banging sound of a closing cabinet door feel like someone is clawing at your brain?

Luckily for people like me that are highly bothered by this noise, several companies have addressed this issue with soft close hinges or separate soft close dampers that can be attached to any cabinet door while using the existing hinges.

Many of the hinges host a list of other features to make them very beneficial:

  • Three-dimensional adjustment
  • CLIP mechanism for easy installation and removal
  • Arm and screw covers for a clean finish (sold separately)
NOTE: When matching the same type of hinge (e.g. 120° full overlay), but want to replace with an integrated soft close hinge, there should be no issue with a direct retrofit. For more information, I suggest using the hinge replacement service.

– blum –

Blum refers to their soft close system as BLUMOTION.

Note: Only the premium products (CLIP top BLUMOTION and COMPACT BLUMOTION) are listed in the product section of the website. Blum decided to bury their information of the other products in their product brochures (media center » check mark hinge systems). I find that has a much more user-friendly website for the entire product line.

Visit the Blum interactive microsites for in-depth product information: CLIP top BLUMOTION and COMPACT BLUMOTION.

CLIP top BLUMOTION: Integrated BLUMOTION in the hinge cup. Also equipped with a deactivation switch so even small and light-weight doors close effortlessly every time.

Blum CLIP top BLUMOTION concealed hinge

COMPACT BLUMOTION: Specifically designed for face frame cabinets. The soft close feature is built right into the hinge cup, and can be deactivated for small or light doors.

Blum COMPACT BLUMOTION concealed hinge

CLIP top: The soft-close feature is achieved by adding the separate BLUMOTION device (973A)

Blum CLIP top concealed hinge

The Blum 970A and 971A are independent soft-close mechanisms that mount to the cabinet frame. For more information visit the Blum media center or

Blum 970A & 971A soft close cabinet door dampers
Soft-Close Dampers & Hinges
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The Tiomos offers an adjustable soft-close mechanism, which is fully integrated and concealed in the hinge arm. The closing process is extremely smooth from the degree that the soft-close is activated until the door is completely shut.

Grass Tiomos concealed soft-close hinge

The Nexis free swinging hinges can be fitted with optional soft-close hardware.

Grass Nexis concealed soft-close hinge

The TEC soft-close hinge system with built-in damper is designed for face frame cabinets. Aadjustment switch is located on the face of the hinge that will regulate the closing action of the door. The TEC soft-close is based on the ever popular 3-dimensional TEC face frame hinge with a variety of overlays offered.

Grass TEC face frame soft-close hinge

The UniSoft is a universal soft-close adapter that mounts and works independently of the cabinet door hinges.

  • Works for face frame cabinets on all door overlays
  • Works for frameless cabinets on full overlay doors
  • Is manually adjustable to desired closing speed
  • Has a scratch protector and front bumper with cushion for a quiet close
Grass Unisoft independent soft door close



The Lapis series of soft close hinges builds upon the Silentia line. Made of two covers, the hinge elements move synchronously, hiding the technical components and enriching the product with refined aesthetics, far from the traditional geometries of furniture hinges. With 12 colors available, and the mounting plate and hinge cup covers being separate, this provides 144 color combinations (solid or 2-tone).

Salice Lapis soft-close hinges

The standard Silentia soft-close hinges gave the damper integrated into the hinge, and come in the traditional chrome finish. Available for various door thickness, angles, and metal profiles. Note: Not available for frame cabinets.

Salice Silentia soft close hinges

The Smove dampers come in several configurations to work with any cabinet and door combination.

Salice Smove cabinet door dampers



The 230-SCA/19 and 230-SCA/9 are add-on dampers for Sugatsune specific concealed hinges only.

Sugatsune soft close concealed hinge dampers


Where to Find Online

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