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Buying Guide: Tree Swing Ideas

A tree swing for kids can create endless hours of fun, and answers the question, “I’m bored, what can I do?”



Tree swing buying guide

So, you’re kicking around the idea of a tree swing. Why not! Keep the kids occupied with some outdoor fun. Or, if you have an unfinished basement, you can just as easily mount these swings indoors to a floor joist or support beam, for when the weather outside isn’t ideal.

Now, the person with a woodshop full of tools is most likely inclined to buy the material and handcraft their own swing, but for the others, the process doesn’t need to be so complex. We’ve compiled a list of tree swings in a variety of styles that just require unpacking, possibly some minor assembly, along with the ability to tie a secure knot that you deem safe and suitable.

Several of the listed swings are bundled with or have optional hanging hardware to make installation even more unchallenging. Vintage Swings, a manufacturer of several handcrafted swing options, has an alternative tree branch mounting procedure that is said to be better for the tree.

Classic Wood Swings

A tree swing doesn’t get any more traditional than taking a piece of wood and hanging it from a tree branch by a piece of rope.

The following companies are making sure this classic setup continues to provide wondrous enjoyment, and at the same time, offering high-quality kits to get you up and running safely in no time.

You’ll notice the different types of wood used, based on geographical location of each business. But they all ensure that you’re getting a very strong and long lasting wood swing.

1) Forever Redwood, based in California, uses only “extra thick high quality timbers” for their handmade bespoke swings and other wood products. Choose from Douglas-fir, Mosaic Eco-Wood, or Redwood that’s available in 12″, 15″ or 18″ diameters. You even get to customize the rope hole diameter and finish. Want to add your own finish? Go ahead – you can order the swing unfinished at no extra cost.

Note: None of the Disk Swings come with rope or hanging hardware. No problem – any local hardware store will have reels of rope in different materials and thicknesses, along with chain and cable if you prefer to use those instead.

Learn more about Forever Redwood’s 5 grades of wood used and the finishes they offer.

The actual wood swing has a weight capacity of up to 450lbs, but to safely achieve this load rating the supporting rope or chain used will also need the same load capabilities.

Forever Redwood tree disc swing

2) The Original Tree Swing “is hand made from local Ash trees in Minneapolis, Minnesota”. The standard kit includes 20 ft. of 3/4″ rope and capable of loads up to 300lbs.

Choose either the disc swing or bench style swing.

Options include: rope lengths of 30 or 40 ft., and a custom engraved brass plaque.

Disc and bench style wood tree swings

3) Vintage Swings “are proudly handmade in Charlottesville, Virginia”. These swings start with 1″ thick White Oak and end with a hand-finish using marine-grade Spar varnish.

Not only are single swings available in 2 styles – round and single bench, you can also select from a third option, a double bench swing. What a great way for two people to spend some time together.

What’s included? You get 3/4″ Promanilla rope with a generous 23′ of hanging length.

Vintage Swings handcrafted wood tree swings

Tire Swings

Next to the wood seat style of swings, you have the very nostalgic tire swings. I do admire the different approaches each manufacturer used in creating their tire swings. People thinking slightly differently, yet delivering a solid product either way.

1) Swing-N-Slide Tire Swing gives the look of an old-school tire swing without the extra weight and dirty residue of a real tire.

With room for multiple kids, you’ll hopefully reduce the arguing of “who’s turn is it”.

Easily hang this lightweight plastic tire swing with the provided 360-degree spinning swivel mount.

Total weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Swing-N-Slide tire tree swing

2) Wood Tree Swings offers the real deal, using hand-cleaned recycled tires accompanied by 10 feet of 5/8 inch polypropylene rope. The company says this combination will “support up to 350 lbs”. Not enough standard length of rope? You can add plenty of extra rope to your order for an additional cost.

These traditional style – handcrafted tire swings are available in horizontal or vertical hanging style, with the vertical tire swing having a removable wood seat. Great idea! Plus, you have the option to have this wood insert personalized.

Wood Tree Swings tire swings

3) Vintage Swings decided to use a 1940s Ford 8N tractor tire. Growing up in a small farm town, I knew this style of tire looked very familiar. What is the benefit of such a tire? You get 19″ of I.D., which is a sizable increase from a typical car tire used for most tire swings.

The current images don’t show the detail, but Vintage Swings says “An interior wood brace supports the tire. The rope is then feed through the brace and hand spliced together on top”.

Just like their wood swings, included is a 3/4″ Promanilla rope with a generous 23′ of hanging length.

Vintage Swings tire tree swings

Contemporary Tree Swings

As technology grows, it only makes sense for swing manufactures to apply such technologies and come up with modern tree swing designs, which also use the latest materials.

1) Spring Swing is the “tree swing with bounce”. Add an inline spring, now a traditional rope swing becomes a little more exciting.

With the center mounted rope and seat socket design, this swing can also spin 360-degrees while it bounces. Definitely not for kids with motion sickness!

Designed for ages 3-8 years / 30- 70 pounds.

Tree mounted Spring disc swing

2) HearthSong has a sizable selection of swings utilizing mesh and polypropylene fabric. The appreciable thing about their many large platform swings? You also have a great place to lie down, relax and just hang out.

For many of the products you’ll find a different approach to the simple and classic tree swing. Instead, you’ll find multi-person swings in colorful variations.

HearthSong Tree Swings

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