B&R Plastics E-Z Foldz Folding Step Stool

B&R Plastics EZ Foldz Folding Step Stool Features


If you find yourself restricted to reach objects that are just out of your grasp; but don’t want to lug out a heavy ladder, or risk climbing on a chair, the B&R Plastics EZ Foldz step stool will safely fulfill your needs. There are several other quality fixed step stools on the market, but they create a larger footprint for storage, and not as simple to grab and transport.

The Ez Foldz brand is the original folding step stool, dating back to model year 2000, and the only the brand of its kind, that is made in the U.S.A . A few manufacturers along the way have created imitations, in-case you’re wondering about the look-a-likes on the market.

With a relatively low-cost and compact size, you may find having a EZ Foldz step stool on each floor of the house, and possibly garage, well worth the investment. With the variety of colors offered, you can even get creative with decorative blending.


  • Durable rubber cushioned feet
  • Skid resistant platform
  • 300 lb. load capacity – (i) Both sizes are rated for 300 lbs., but you can feel that there is more stability and strength to the 12″ model.
  • Built in carry handles
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Safety bump stops – (i) On each side, underneath, there are bump stops that are activated (red circled image shown), once the step stool is properly unfolded. This keeps the sides from accidentally being pushed in, until the top is pulled up for collapsing.


EZ Foldz folding step stool specifications


We were informed by B&R Plastics that ten different colors are available on the 9” model, and three on the 12” model. What they failed to tell us, is what those colors are, or respond back when asked. Sorry, we tried. Colors listed below is based on our own research and findings.


Application Examples:

  • High cabinets
  • Auto washing
  • Children
  • Photography or video
  • Light bulb changes
  • Temporary chair or side-table. Whether camping, fishing, out on the deck, etc., you can use the EZ Foldz for an extra seat or table that easily stores away.

Where to Find

Additional Information

B & R Plastics Inc. can be reached at (303) 373-0710, if requiring further assistance. Website unavailable.


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