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Review: B&R Plastics E-Z Foldz folding step stool

B&R Plastics EZ Foldz folding step stools


Review: B&R Plastics E-Z Foldz folding step stool

Review: B&R Plastics E-Z Foldz folding step stool

With a relatively low-cost and compact size, we now have the convenience of a EZ Foldz step stool on each floor of the house and in the garage.

If you find yourself regularly restricted in reaching objects that are just out of your grasp but don’t want to lug out a heavy and cumbersome ladder, or risk climbing on a chair, the B&R Plastics E-Z Foldz step stool will safely give you a boost and easily folds for compact storage when not needed.

Sure there are several other quality fixed step stools on the market but they create a larger footprint for storage and may not be as simple to grab and transport.

We spoke with the president of the company and were informed that “the Easy Fold brand is the original folding step stool, dating back to model year 2000 and the only the brand of its kind made in the USA”. There have been a few manufacturers along the way who have created imitations, hence the look-a-likes on the market.

Great for many uses

  • Help clean and reach into high cabinets.
  • Use to aid in auto washing.
  • Children get a boost to wash hands in sinks and help in the kitchen.
  • Great for photography or video production when cameras tripods are extended high.
  • Assist in light bulb changes.
  • Great as a temporary chair or side-table when camping, fishing, out on the deck, etc. B&R Plastics also has a taller “Neat Seat” model that may work better as a seat or table.

Note: Complete safety relies on proper use. I have had the 9″ model pop apart and collapse on me, but this was while I was hanging a heavy door and had moved all the weight to one side of the step stool. Be sure to keep within the weight requirements and stay centered on the step stool. During several years of use we haven’t had any other issues in our household when following these basic rules.

Available in two models, several colors, and lots of important features

Available at Walmart under the Walter Drake brand
ModelWeightFolded DimensionsUnfolded DimensionsPurchase
9″2.74 lbs.13.5″h x 12.5″w x 1.8″d9″h x 12.5″w x 10.875″d
12″4.37 lbs.17″h x 18.375″w x 2.375″d12″h x 18.375″w x 12.375″d

B&R Plastics EZ Foldz folding step stools

EZ foldz folding step stool available colors

  • Scratch resistant rubber cushioned feet.
  • Skid resistant platform to help eliminate any chance of slipping.
  • 300 lb. load capacity – Both sizes are rated for 300 lbs., but you can feel that there is more stability and strength to the 12″ model.
  • Built in carry handles for effortless transportation.
  • Lightweight plastic material.
  • Foldable compact design for easy storage.
  • Safety bump stops – On each side, underneath, there are bump stops that are activated (red circled image shown), once the step stool is properly unfolded. This keeps the sides from accidentally being pushed in, until the top is pulled up for collapsing.

B&R Plastics EZ Foldz step stool features

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