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Review: A very diverse and pliable extendable duster to love

Bona Big Bend Flexible Duster Wand

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Review: A very diverse and pliable extendable duster to love

Review: A very diverse and pliable extendable duster to love

The Bona® Microfiber Dusting System (aka Big Bend) will reach high and out of reach places with it’s 91″ total length. Easily bend the pad to dust any object.

Update: Discontinued by Bona. No replacement to come or parts available. Find remaining stock from the suppliers listed below.

I have found the Bona® Microfiber Dusting System (aka Big Bend) to be the perfect multi-tasking dusting tool for high ledges, cabinet tops, ceiling fans, and fits under shallow furniture or appliances. The StarFiber microfiber material statically attracts dust instead of pushing it around, yet doesn’t get too entangled with hair and lint like many dusters of this type.

Sure, there are several fan specific dusting tools and other microfiber cleaning pads on the market, but they aren’t as diverse. With the Bona dusting wand, you get a lot of great features.

Extra Long Reach
I have looked at many extendable dusters but most don’t come close to matching the Bona dusting systems 91-inches of total length when the pad is completely flat.

Plus, unlike many extendable dusters that have a fixed handle assemble, the Bona dusting system incorporates a removable extension pole that uses standard threads. This way you can use an even longer extension pole if need be.

Most Usable Dusting Pad
A removable and machine washable microfiber dusting pad measures 1″ x 2.5″ x 16″. This long and thin pad has a deep reach that is unmatched. Dust ledges with one pass, get deep under washers and dryers, or any other appliance and furnishing.

I have gotten dozens of machine washes and years of use out of a single pad.

Contort to Any Object
A flexible inner metal plate allows the dusting sleeve to be conformed, while firmly holding shape.

Configure the pad to completely wrap around a ceiling fan blade or just create a simple 90-degree bend for ledges or under furnishings.

Bona Big Bend flexible microfiber dusting pad Bona Big Bend microfiber duster with removable telescopic handle Bona Big Bend duster with handle hanger
Bona Big Bend flexible microfiber dusting pad
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