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Blomus Portable Doorstops

Blomus weighted and wedge doorstops


Blomus Portable Doorstops

Blomus Portable Doorstops

Now you can enjoy opening a door and letting the fresh air flow freely without the hassle of a breeze slamming the door back shut.

Blomus offers a couple of attractive options for portable door stops. Choose from 2 weighted versions:

  • 68306 – 4.4 lb / 2.8 in., is best suited for heavier entry doors with a larger threshold gap.
  • 68307  – 2.2 lbs / 1.8 in., works well for lighter interior doors.
  • Both have anti-scratch bases and a protective rubber banding.

The WEDO door chock – 68308, made from a solid rubber material with stainless grab hook, which also acts as a hanger when not in use, provides a third option for lighter interior doors.

Blomus modern style weighted door stop
Blomus modern style weighted door stop Blomus Wedo modern wedge style door stop
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