Suggestions to help improve the look and feel of your home.

  • Gwee Button microfiber cleaning pad hand clearance

    Review – Gwee Button Smartphone Touchscreen Microfiber Cleaning Pad

    When asked by Gwee to review their products, I was hesitant. Mainly because I didn’t think how the products applied to the content for diyhousehelp. After a bit of thought and examining the Gwee product lineup, I responded with a sample request  for the Gwee Button. My thought was “people may carry their smartphone’s throughout the house to watch […]

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  • Gramovox Gramophone Bluetooth Speaker

    Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone Speaker

    The Gramovox bluetooth speaker inherits it’s core design from a 1920’s era Magnovox Gramophone horn. The end result is a beautiful nostalgic design that has been revived and paired with modern technology for new generations to appreciate. Considering the limitations of the speaker quantity and size, audiophiles may not be impressed. But the end product does create an […]

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  • Lutron Maestro wireless light switches and Pico light control

    Lutron Maestro Wireless Light Controls

    The Lutron Maestro Wireless light controls have the same look and features as the standard light switches, while adding wireless remote capabilities for up to 10 devices from one remote. The Pico wireless remote creates a huge benefit for adding a second or third remote light switch on a wall without the need for any wiring. The Pico remote […]

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  • Handcrafted piggy banks made from wood

    Big Belly Banks Piggy Banks

    Get this handmade wood flower piggy bank, or a host of other styles, for both boys and girls from Big Belly Banks. Watch your change zigzag its way to the large capacity acrylic coin holder that splits in half via a threaded rod when you’re ready to retrieve the coins. Available in 20″ and 23″ heights. The banks also have hand […]

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  • Korner smartphone home security

    Korner Home Security System

    Looking for a simple way to protect your home? Korner is a home security system that anyone can use and anyone can afford. A small dongle plugs into your home router that then talks with individual corner tags on each of your doors and windows. This allows you to remotely monitor when any windows or doors […]

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  • Floodcheck premium washing machine hoses

    Floodchek Premium Washing Machine Hoses

    As I was doing one of my routine walk throughs of our home to explore areas that could use cleaning or improvements, inspecting the washing machine hoses expiration was one of the things that crossed my mind, and they were actually a little past their replace by date (typical hose lifespan is every 5-7 years…expire date is printed or […]

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  • Amazon $25 gift card giveaway

    Amazon $25 Gift Card Giveaway

    As a thank you to our readers, we would like to give something back to help towards the purchase of a new product or repair part for your home. With the Amazon eGift card, there’s minimal wait to collect your prize.  The lucky winner will receive an email within 1 week of contest end date with […]

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  • Honeywell Prestige 2 IAQ programmable HD thermostat

    Honeywell Prestige IAQ 2.0 HD Thermostat

    Thermostats have come a long way from those simple manual dial designs with zero visual appeal. Honeywell tops out its programmable thermostat lineup with their Prestige IAQ 2.0 HD model. You get many of the latest technological features: High-definition full color display, touch screen control, remote control, and all-in-one control for humidity or dehumidification. But, Honeywell […]

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  • Chemex glass carafe coffee brewer

    Chemex Manual Brew Coffee Makers

    When you want to extract the most flavor from your coffee bean grinds and enjoy the art of the coffee brewing process, a Chemex coffee maker will cost less than a majority of the cheapest electric coffeemakers, while providing a substantially better cup of coffee. The all glass carafe as the main brewing unit means: no parts to […]

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