Samsung Robot Cleaner
Cleaning & Organizing

Concept: Samsung Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums have been around for a number of years, but at the same time, they are something that I never paid much attention too. I like to have full control of my cleaning, but
Chive Vases

Chive Floral Vases and Planters

Chive prides themselves on their fresh and appealing vases to showcase your plant and floral arrangements. You'll discover everything from the contemporary Parla Royale in smoke, to the vibrant Hanging Aeriums. If you prefer more traditional, the collection
dsignedby. Kitch’T Compact Kitchen
Kitchen & Bath

dsignedby. Kitch’T Compact Kitchen

For the person that lives in a small space, doesn't need mass kitchen storage, but appreciates great design and appearance, the dsignedby. Kitch'T is a beautiful example of modern style with function. Once I got
Bona Flexible Duster Wand
Cleaning & Organizing

Bona Flexible Dusting Wand Review

If looking for a great multi-tasking flexible dusting wand for high ledges, cabinet tops, and ceiling fans; that also statically attracts dust instead of pushing it around, the Bona® Microfiber Dusting System (aka Big Bend)
Scotch-Brite Shower Scrubber
Cleaning & Organizing

Review: Scotch-Brite Shower Scrubber

The Scotch-Brite™ shower scrubber with extendable handle makes shower cleaning safe and simple. Eliminate the dangerous positions of standing on bath edges or shower benches when trying to clean out of reach areas of your
L-BOW Sleeved Mittens

L-Bow Gloves and Mittens with Sleeves

The L-Bow brand of mittens with sleeves is the perfect solution to keep your toddler's wrist area dry and warm from the winter elements. L-bow’s over-the-sleeve design, with elastic bands that keep the sleeves in place, ensures
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