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Urban Cultivator indoor herb growing appliance

Fresh. Bountiful. Clean. Organic micro-greens and herbs 365-days a year.



Move past the limitations of small indoor gardens and pots.

The Residential Urban Cultivator provides ease and access to an opulent herb growing garden right in your kitchen. Create the perfect growing environment and eliminate all the dilemma’s that can hinder your outdoor garden growing ability: seasonal climate, poor weather conditions, insects, and rodents.

Urban Cultivator indoor garden tray of greens

A serene and automated garden

An appliance that not only provides healthy living and great ingredients, but adds a sense of tranquility to your home. Encapsulate the peak of summer year-round with the bright lit interior and flourishing greens.

Urban Cultivator Indoor Herb Garden Appliance

Opening the door exposes the touchscreen panel for fully automated growing.

  • Adjust the lighting cycle to a list of herbs, micro-greens and lettuces.
  • Control how long to water your plants for.
  • Individually select when you would like to water your plants in the top and bottom grow tray.
  • When using as a standalone unit with no water line connection; select when you want to drain & fill your reservoir.
  • Add nutrients notification.
Urban Cultivator control panel settings

Perfect climate control to grow

Large selection of herbs and greens

Enjoy fresh, clean organic herbs and greens instantly with an endless array of ingredients for your next meal: Aromatic Marjoram, Bold Swiss Chard, Bright Basil, Citrus Dill, Crimson Beet Tops, Crisp Lettuce, Crunchy Cabbage, Delicate Chervil, Earthy Komatsuna, Fragrant, Cilantro, Fresh Parsley, Hearty Sunflower, Indigo Radish, Malt Amaranth, Maple Fenugreek, Mighty Broccoli, Mild Chives, Minty Thyme, Nutty Flax, Pepper Arugula, Power Kale, Robust Lentils, Sharp Mustard, Spicy Radish, Sugar Pea, Sweet Wheatgrass, Tangy Lemon Balm, Tart Sorrel, Umami Savory, Wasabi Nasturtium, Wild Oregano, Woodsy Sage, and Zesty Peppercress.

Our seeds are non-GMO, and no sprays or chemicals are added in the growing process. You’re getting 100% organic, healthy food.

Herb seeds that are non-GMO and no chemical sprays

Installation Overview

If your kitchen currently doesn’t have a built-in space for the Urban Cultivator; it can also be used as a free standing unit along with the optional butcher block top.

For more information, reference the Urban Cultivator manuals and growing videos.

1. City Water In Connection
Use the provided vacuum breaker & braided City Hose to connect to your city water connection.

2. City Drain Out Connection
Connect the City Drain Hose (1/2″ to 3/4″ hose connection) to your city drain.

3. Power Connection
Connect the Cultivator to a standard 110/240V power outlet.

4. Hole Size For All Connections
Use a 4″ hole saw and remove part of the bottom shelf of the cabinet adjacent to the Cultivator where all the connections run from.

5. Adjustable Feet
Twist the Cultivators feet to adjust its overall height from 34¼” to 34 ½”.

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