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Create A Unique Glass Pedestal Serving Plate

Glass Pedestal Server Platter


Create A Unique Glass Pedestal Serving Plate

Create A Unique Glass Pedestal Serving Plate

If you have a glass serving plate that you really like, but would like it to be elevated, the right glass candle holder makes an ideal option for a base.

Now, how do we make sure the pieces are securely attached and replicate a purposely sold cake stand? There are 2 options that I’ve had good results with; albeit I haven’t tried applying a great deal of force with the intention to break the parts apart once cured. Though, both pieces remain in strong contact with regular handling.

  1. Loctite Glass Glue – Used for this specific tutorial. Dries clear, unlike many of the epoxies, which dry to an amber or yellow color.
  2. E6000 – All adhesives are the same, just packaged differently for specific uses.

Glass Components Needed

These individual pieces were found at a thrift store and in perfectly good condition on their own but seemed better as companions. The plate was just big enough to accommodate a standard 9″ cake or pie tin size.

Parts needed for a custom cake pedestal serving plate

3 Easy Steps

1) Align the plate and base

A dry fit of the plate and base will help find the best positioning. This especially holds true for the given example since the uneven plate pattern needs to match with the base for best surface-to-surface contact.

2) Apply the glue

Use glass glue to build a pedestal server plate

Glue drops colorized for better visual purposes only. Applies and dries clear.

In this example, the candle holder has a very narrow edge, but both types of glue bond very well for their intended purpose and don’t need to be applied excessively. I started by putting more generous drops of glue on the larger points, then finished with a thin layer around the entire perimeter. I didn’t want to get over-indulgent and have glue drips everywhere.

Don’t forget to clean the glass according to the adhesive brands recommendations!

3) Assemble the plate and base

Based on your dry fit in Step 1 – reassemble the plate and base once the glue is applied.

That’s it – Project Finished

This is a very simple project that can be completed by anyone. No tools or special skills of any kind needed. Ready to use for pastry and candy serving almost immediately.

If all parts were cleaned and assembled properly as mentioned, you should now have a very stable and secure pedestal server plate. If something went wrong in the process the glass can be scraped clean with your choice of an Exacto style blade so you can start over. For me, the #18 chisel style blades work well for this type of project.

Cake Pedestal Serving Platter

Pedestal Pastry Serving Platter Top View

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