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Safe Storage and Disposal of Sharp Objects

Sharp Object Recycling Containers


Safe Storage and Disposal of Sharp Objects

Safe Storage and Disposal of Sharp Objects

For safe disposal of sharp objects: razor blades, small knife blades, nails, screws, staples, thumb tacks, or any other small object that pose an easy risk for injury, discard by using a plastic container with a sealed lid to avoid harm. Your recycle pickup company will thank you, and you lessen the chance of these dangerous objects scattering where the shouldn’t be.

Obtaining a suitable plastic container with a sealed lid can come in several forms as a proper recycling canister. Many packaged foods and cleaning supplies: ice cream, disinfectant wipes, jam, ketchup, etc. have perfect containers to collect the sharp objects. Other options include small mixing containers with snap-on lids (example) for painting or solvents; which are readily available and cheap to purchase at many local hardware stores.

CAUTION: RISK OF INJURY – Sharp objects can cause cuts or punctures to skin.

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