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Red & White Christmas – Easy to Create Vase Floral Arrangement

Red & White Vase Floral Arrangement


Red & White Christmas – Easy to Create Vase Floral Arrangement

This vibrant red vase can add a nice accent to any space, by either standing on its own, or with its collection of different shapes and sizes; but during the Christmas season, adding a few long stem artificial flowers creates an amazing holiday piece.

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Deciding on the right floral combination may take a little thought, but the actual process of putting this type of arrangement together is very simple.

Arrangement Includes:

  • 1 x red vase
  • 6 x white poinsettia stems
  • 2 x red glitter ribbon stems
  • 1 x red glitter spiral twig ball stem
  • 1 x red clip on flower for an accent (optional)

Step 1 – Locate a vase

Red Vases

Collection of red vases


Step 2 – Artificial long stems fill the vase neck

Red Christmas Vase View 1

Artificial stem collection

Pre-assembled floral bunches provide simple work, while creating a full floral arrangement.
Red and White Christmas Floral - Stem Bunches

Floral stem bunches


Step 3 – Simple accents

Red Christmas Vase View 3

Clip on floral accents

Flowers with clip or pin backs create an easy solution for adding extra accents.
Red Christmas Vase with a Flower Clip Accent

Floral clip accent with pin back


Final Arrangement

Red and White Christmas Poinsettia Floral - Red Vase

Red and White Christmas Artificial Poinsettia Arrangement

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