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In this video we’ll completely cover how to remove and re-install recessed light trim for most 5″ & 6″ recessed light trim rings. Removal will allow: cleaning, ceiling painting, bulb replacement, bulb adjustment, and trim replacement.

Additionally, we’ll show the various methods for adjusting lamp height and what needs changing when switching between different trim covers.

Recessed Lighting Brands

Bulb / Lamp Brands

For assistance on lamps, bulb alternatives, etc., please refer to the following lighting manufacturers.

Recessed Light Housing and Bulb Information

  • Bulb / Lamp Industry Changes – Federal regulations have…and will continue to phase out certain types of bulbs that may be listed on older model light housings. GE Lighting (for an example) has a guideline for alternative replacements.
  • PAR w/ L or LN in Bulb # – The L or LN stands for long neck. There is also a short neck version that won’t work with certain trims.
  • Insulated Ceiling (IC) – IC listed housings are designed to be fully wrapped with insulation without fear of a fire being created.
  • Terms like Air-Tite®Air-Loc®, etc., which vary per manufacturer, prevent air movement and are also used for wet locations.
NOTE: The previous installer may have broken a mount, rod, or lost a spring and chose to adhere the defective recessed light trim to the ceiling for installation. Removal of trim in this instance will cause ceiling damage, resulting in repair, and the need for a new trim piece.

Replacement Recessed Lighting Parts and Trim

Contact your local lighting and electrical supply stores for available recessed light trim and replacement parts. Many will have a parts department for the items needed. Torsion (butterfly) springs are mounted to the trim piece and are not replaceable for all makes and models.

However, the recessed light trim coil springs are always a separate item. Home Depot stocks Halo brand trim springs.



  1. Editorial Staff

    March 26, 2015 at 9:34 am

    Hi Cherie,
    The other springs are labeled as “recessed light trim coil springs”. These can be found at Home Depot. You mention there are no springs, but instead you have to turn the trim? Are you replacing 5-6″ trim? 4″ and smaller trim install differently.

  2. cherie cowart

    March 26, 2015 at 9:30 am

    I need to replace baffle trip in lights installed circa 1985. These baffles do not install with torsion springs. What do I call this other type when searching for them? The baffle attaches by inserting and then a slight quarter turn.

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