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Pella Casement Window Lock Lever Removal and Insertion Guide

Pella casement window lever removal

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Pella Casement Window Lock Lever Removal and Insertion Guide

How to remove a Pella casement window lock lever requires a flathead screwdriver and a little patience. The removal instructions page can also be found in several of Pella’s Online Instructions for their casement series windows.

Additional Tips

  • Step C – Use a regular sized screwdriver..not too small…not too large. Angle the screwdriver tip slightly towards the frame away from the glass side. Move the screwdriver around slowly until you feel it drop into a groove. Just sticking the screwdriver into the window slot will not place the screwdriver exactly in the right spot.
  • Step E – The lock lever can be stuck because of age, paint got into the mechanism, etc. Also the locked position of the lever doesn’t offer a great deal of allowable grip. If the lever doesn’t easily remove, try wiggling it, move up and down slightly, or whatever else to free it. If the levers are going to be discarded and replaced, grabbing hold with a pliers and pulling can make things easier as well.
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