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Leaking Bleach Bottle Protection

Leaking Bleach Bottle Tray Protection


Leaking Bleach Bottle Protection

If you ever had a bleach bottle leak from a small puncture or crack, you’ll know how much damage can be done, mess created, and potential repairs that cost money, especially if the leak is undetected for some time: shelving can absorb the bleach, painted and / or metal surfaces can be corroded, surrounding products damaged, etc.

An easy solution and cheap fix to capture the liquid from a leaking bleach bottle is to visit the gardening section of any local home improvement store or nursery, and pick up a planter drip tray. The image shown includes a transparent 7.5″ diameter tray (big enough for the largest bleach bottle size), purchased from a local Ace Hardware for $1.50 ea. For the low-cost, I chose to buy 2 trays for extra protection. The transparent trays also give an easy-to-view indicator, if a leak occurs.

Go one step further by purchasing square or round drip trays for any bottle containing liquid and has the potential to leak.

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