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Installing Lutron Maestro Light Controls

Lutron Maestro Light Switches

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Installing Lutron Maestro Light Controls

Installing Lutron Maestro Light Controls

Lutron carries several digital light controls to satisfy any living area. Their most diverse family of switches for residential applications are the Maestro digital light controls with a clean and contemporary look. Combine them with Claro wallplates, and any room is instantly transformed.

In this article we’ll provide insight and information on what’s involved in a complete install of Lutron digital light controls and fan timers.


WARNING: Electrical Hazard. Before beginning work, turn power off at the breaker panel or fuse box to avoid injury. Contact a certified Electrician or HVAC tech if unsure of your DIY capabilities.
NOTE: As with any dimmer, if the dimmer is connected to wall outlets, make sure not to plug any appliances other than dimmable compatible lamps into those outlets. If the dimmer is not set to full power, you risk causing damage to the appliance.

Pre-Installation Information

1) Inspect the wiring you have available per gang box before purchase. The Maestro dimmer switches do not need a neutral wire, but the on/off switches do. If a neutral wire is not present in the gang box, contact a licensed electrician for options. Lutron has all their installation instructions and user manuals posted online for reference.

2) When retrofitting electronic switches, a standard electrical gang box can get crowded. Most homes will be fitted with a basic toggle or paddle switch in a 1.5″ deep electrical gang box. With new construction or remodels, using a 2″ or deeper box to accommodate the larger switch bodies is recommended.

Tip: A way to combat an overcrowding issue is to use one of the dual switch configurations instead of all single switches. Decora blanks can be used for the empty panels.

Lutron Maestro vs. Toggle Switch Size

Lutron electronic switch size comparison to a standard toggle switch.

3) An uneven wall is very common, and with decora switches and covers this will become very obvious. If you want the switch faces and covers to be perfectly flush across the front, some work will need to be done to fill the dips and level the wall. (i) Tools needed: joint compound, wallboard (drywall) joint knife in various sizes ranging from 4-12″ – depending on how wide you need to level the wall, and joint compound sanding material ranging from medium to fine grit.

Lutron Maestro Switch Wall Prep

Leveling the dips in a wall to ensure Lutron Maestro switches and Decora covers are flush across the front.

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