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Naturally dry your clothes indoors with these helpful products

Looking to save money and energy? Don’t have the outdoor space for clothes drying? Look to these great indoor clothes drying solutions.



Leifheit Indoor Clothes Dryers

Growing up in a small town, having a outdoor clotheslineImage courtesy of Breezecatcher Clotheslines was very common. I personally was never a fan of line dried clothes, especially the cold weather months, where your clothes were stiff as a board. But some people like the smell of air dried clothes, and the primary reason that I knew of…saving money…can still very much apply.

Fast forward to my current environment; I’m not sure the last time I saw an outdoor clothesline, but even in our household there is a need for a certain amount of line drying, especially for delicate clothing. Nobody wants to face a household member whose clothing you shrunk in the dryer!

In steps the many great indoor drying products that can offer a much better solution to hanging your clothes over the tub, shower stall, railing, etc. Plus, with many of the products you’re going to get much more drying space, sometimes with the capability to hang a full load of clothes.

Indoor Clotheslines

Considering this is a DIY site, one could buy some eye lag screws, along with a clothesline set – or rope equivalent, and create your own indoor clothesline between two walls.

Create a simple DIY clothlines with eye lag screws and rope

The Buntline Hitch is a wonderful – small profile – trusty knot for securing rope to an eyelet. But in order to have a tight line, you kind of need an adjustable tightener knot on the other end, such as a Tautline Hitch.

However, I think the many retractable indoor clothesline products created by the following are better alternatives, especially if aesthetics are a primary concern.

FEATURED Brabantia Pull-out Clothesline
The Brabantia brand has a long history in trying to provide quality products and their pull-out clothesline is a convincing example of their mission. All their laundry products are “manufactured from corrosion resistant materials”.

Maximize your air drying capabilities with 5 rows of cothesline, which extend to 165″ in length, providing 22m / 72ft total drying area. Yet, when not in use and retracted, you’re left with a compact footprint.

Note: Dimensions listed throughout the web are very inconsistent, so we contacted Brabantia direct for some definitive clarification, and were promptly replied to by a representative.

I have the indoor pull out dryer here in the office & the sizes are…

  • LENGTH = 480mm / 18.9″
  • DEPTH = 80mm / 3.15″
  • HEIGHT = 76mm / 3.0″

The side dial locks and unlocks the clothesline, while providing a means for line tension adjustment too.

Available in stainless (385766), or white (385728).

Brabantia 385766 Indoor Pull-Out Clothes Line
Brabantia 385766 Indoor Pull-Out Clothes Line Brabantia 385728 Indoor Pull-Out Clothes Line

Look to Amazon for the many retractable clotheslines on the market. Some closely replicate the design of the Brabantia Pull-out Clothesline, while others have their own indoor clothesline representation.

Maybe you just want a simple and economical single line clothes dryer that can be mounted inside your shower stall. Plenty of those to choose from.

Need more clothesline drying space? There are several brands that took a cue from the hose reel and cord reel market, providing larger clothesline units that can span 20+ feet.

EXAMPLE 1 VDOMUS Retractable Indoor Clothesline

  • Adjustable fiber line extends up to a long range: up to 8.2 Feets.
  • Lock Button: It is very easy to retract if needed to move the line back to its case for easy storage.
  • Made of Premium Solid 18/10 stainless steel construction with Copper PULL HEAD and accessories

VDOMUS retractable indoor clothesline

EXAMPLE 2 Household Essentials Single Line Retractable Clothes Dryer

  • High-impact plastic housing.
  • Swivel wall bracket.
  • Stainless-steel inner spring; line retracts when not in use.
  • Single-line clothes dryer provides up to 40 feet of linear drying space.

Household Essentials 40 ft Single Line Retractable Clothesline

Laundry Drying Racks

The multitude of clothes drying racks almost seems endless. Between the many brands and designs, the deciding process can be exhausting. Luckily there are some top brands and top ratings to make the decision a little easier.

The freestanding racks have the ability to hang a good deal of clothes for drying, and when not in use, you’ll find that these racks fold to a slim size. This allows them to be stored in a closet, between your washing machine and wall, or any other small space where they aren’t out in the open.

A German based company with a deep history in making innovative and high quality products focusing on household cleaning and care. With the most extensive line of dryers available; you’ll find wall-mounted, hanging, tub mount, and freestanding models in various configurations.

Leifheit Pegasus Tower Dryer 200 Deluxe
Leifheit Pegasus Tower Dryer 200 Deluxe Leifheit indoor wall dryer teleclip 42 Leifheit Hanging Dryer Quartett 40 Extendable Aluminium Leifheit Standing Dryer Classic 250 Flex Leifheit Pegasus Bathtub Dryer 190

There are several local and online retailers that carry a modest selection of indoor drying racks, but most of them also sell on Amazon, which still has the largest inventory by far.

EXAMPLE 1 Ballard Design Bathroom Collections

Outfitting a whole room with one of the collections from Ballard may be a very appealing possibility, but even if you just choose one of their wood drying racks, you’ll be creating a laundry room that feels very homelike, opposed to industrial and sterile.

Ballard Design indoor laundry wood drying racks

EXAMPLE 2 Brabantia Wallfix

The Wallfix wall-mount clothes dryer more resembles an outdoor clothesline and may not be the best alternative to install in a bathroom or laundry room, but for people with a balcony or basement, this may be the perfect product that allows you to let the drying lines down temporarily, and then fold neatly away when not in use.

Brabantia Wallfix Dryer
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