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Owens Corning Home Insulation Guide

Owens Corning makes a lot of great building products and supplies. With the help of their, Home Insulation Project Guides, you’ll be able to better understand and achieve optimum results on sealing and insulating your home.

  • Learn about what an Insulating Envelope is and how to properly address all the areas associate with an in-depth insulation guide.
  • Learn where your home can have negative air infiltration and how to stop or minimize the effects.
  • Learn what R-Value means and how it’s applied to various products.
  • Learn the benefits and reasoning behind a Vapor Barrier.
  • Get an easy to understand home insulation coverage calculator to easily calculate the amount of insulation needed.
  • Learn where and how to install batt insulation, and foamular® (polystyrene rigid foam) insulation.
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