How to Create a Home Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a perfect opportunity to show off an eclectic medley of mementos and artistic keepsakes.

Nothing makes more of a statement than a creative cluster of artwork. A collection of paintings, prints and photographs often works beautifully when displayed as a gallery wall. Nothing makes more of a statement than a creative cluster of artwork.

The beauty of a home gallery wall is that there doesn’t need to be any rhyme or reason to the display; various frame sizes and colors can enclose everything from family photos to doodles and drawings.

Guest Post By Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

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Cohesive wall gallery theme

Create Cohesion

While a gallery wall is an opportunity to be inventive and bold, there are certain design principles to keep in mind. Using a similar color frame, such as gold, will tie all random art pieces together and make the wall look more polished and purposeful.

Building an artsy wall with a common thread is important. Cohesive frames designate the gallery wall as a display rather than a messy mix.

Anchor Away

A well-designed wall should include a few pieces to anchor the design scheme. Whether it’s a mirror in a funky shape, a wooden carving or a memorable quote, a gallery wall should not be filled with repeating styles.

Larger or unusually shaped pieces often work best as the focal points. Find pretty décor like sunburst clocks and metal sculptures that would work well as spotlight pieces at LuxeDecor.

Common item wall gallery theme
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Personal favorites home wall gallery theme

Focus on Favorites

A gallery wall should serve as an opportunity to make a statement. Selecting the right pieces to highlight is a matter of choosing sentimental and special pieces.

From framed Broadway tickets to a 2nd-grade sketch, the gallery wall is a conversation starter and a pastime showcase. The pieces should reflect travels, personal history, favorite hobbies and future goals.

Tackle a Theme

An artsy mix relies on variety for its impact but choosing a theme can help make a gallery wall feel more like a museum exhibit rather than a random home art presentation.

A travel theme is a great place to start when creating a home gallery wall. A travel focus might mean adding a map, tickets or tourist photographs to the display. Foreign trinkets (like fans, clocks or shadowboxes) from faraway lands can be the perfect addition to a travel-themed wall.

Paris Theme Wall Gallery
Personalized Wall Gallery Theme

Accessorize with Abandon

While a gallery wall should be an elegant statement, adding a few fun items will personalize the look and attitude of the design arrangement.

Hanging ballet slippers, jewelry or seashells can add fun and flair to a wall filled with frames. Other options? Fishing paraphernalia, homemade wreaths and oversized keys. Anything that has personal significance will make a gallery wall have maximum impact.

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