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Classic Red & White Themed Christmas Decorating Ideas

Red & White Christmas Decorating Ideas


Classic Red & White Themed Christmas Decorating Ideas

A Red & White Christmas theme offers a classic look that can be accomplished with a variety of off-the-shelf items and DIY creations.

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Fireplace Mantel

Christmas mantel display with 3-piece glass tree set

3-piece glass tree set

  • White Garland
  • Red Glitter Garland
  • Strand of Lights (optional)
  • 3-Piece Glass Tree set (propped higher with hidden glass mason jars – Ball brand)
  • Glass Candle Jars (decorated with glitter painted twigs and ornaments)
  • Pre-made Christmas Wreath

Staircase Banister

Red & white themed Christmas staircase closeup

Red & White Themed Christmas Staircase Decorating

  • Adding a few layers to a staircase banister adds dimension to your Christmas decorating.
  • Green pine garland with a wire core easily attaches to the handrail. Bending a few branches around the red netting secures that layer as well.
  • Green floral wire or green wire twist tie work perfectly for extra securing.

Artificial Pre-lit White Christmas Tree

Artificial white christmas tree

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