How to Choose the Right Rug For You

How do you pick a rug that is both artistically appealing and pragmatically purposeful?

Selecting the right rug can create quite the conundrum. How do you pick a rug that is both artistically appealing and pragmatically purposeful? While the options for rugs can be overwhelming, picking the perfect floor treatment will help enliven a space with energy, exude warmth and provide practicality.

There are important considerations for selecting the right rug, such as: size, color, texture, and design.

Here are some tips on choosing the right rug to create balance and beauty within your living space:

Guest Post By Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

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Bright blue and white pattern area rug

Pretty Pattern Rug

When selecting a rug for a room, it’s important to match the existing decorative layout. A graphically rich or pretty patterned rug sets the stage for a room filled with interesting elements and pretty pops of color.

Furniture and accessories in coordinating colors will give a statement rug more oomph.

Cozy Shag Rug

A cozy shag rug works perfectly atop hardwood or tile flooring. Ideal for injecting a space with coziness and comfort, a large soft rug adds warmth to a living space destined for lounging and entertaining.

Cozy beige shag rug on wood flooring
Striking entryway rug with durability

Durable Foyer Rug

Every foyer deserves a durable rug that demands attention. Cue in visitors to your unique style from the moment they enter your home with a striking entryway rug.

Opt for a style that complements existing décor, so as not to overwhelm the space.

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Soft Bedroom Rug

A bedroom space is made extra cozy with the addition of a sizeable area rug. Perfect for adding softness and serenity to sleeping quarters, a decorative rug is a charming addition to any nighttime nest.

Soft and serene bedroom rug
Dining room rug with a pop of color

Dining Area Rug

Infuse your dining room with an ambiance of contemporary cool by adding a modern rug. Ideal for disguising minor spills and splatters, this stunning blue rug – for example – pairs perfectly with traditional furniture and brings an unexpected pop of color to any space.

Office Space Rug

Say goodbye to the days of the unattractive spiky plastic office mats and hello to a stylish rug. An under-desk office rug makes for a chic and calming aesthetic that makes any workspace a little more cozy.

Decorative and inviting office space rugs

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