Artful Interior: Pair Wall Art Like a Pro

Selecting and positioning artwork is merely a matter of a keen eye and some creative commonsense.

When designing a home, it’s important to make the right decisions when it comes to displaying art and décor. Mismatched or poorly placed paintings and pictures can make a wall space feel cluttered or distracting.

Here are a few tips and tricks for pairing wall art like a professional.

Guest Post By Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

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Seaside Sailing Artwork

Seaside Styled Room

A seaside style room feels warm and welcoming with symmetrical art pieces. A duo of similar styled photos is a smart idea for giving a room a bit of easy calm.

Framed photographs of sailboats add simple elegance to this living space.

Traditional Family Room

A traditional family room features a quadrant of artwork on the spot above the fireplace. Acting as a focal point for the room, this grouping of seashell portraits perfectly frames a rustic round mirror.

A series of photos is the perfect way to add charm and character to a neutral wall.

Traditional Famiyl Room Wall Art Pieces
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Casual coastal designed room

Casual Coastal Room

A casual coastal living room feels fresh with multiple works of art. Six framed tortoise photographs give this room dynamic flair and a bit of fun.

Colorful and bright, six framed pieces of art are perfect for a space with lots of seashore style.

Contemporary and Stately Space

A variety of art pieces work well in a contemporary and stately space. Varying heights and styles of art are perfect for composing a sophisticated statement.

For adding a bit of creative chic, display some artwork by hanging and others by placing against a wall or mantel.

Contemporary and stately living room space and art
Classic and refined living room space and wall decor

Classic and Refined Space

A cluster of drawings works well in a classic and refined space. Perfect for adding height and interest to a room, a trio of non-hanging sketches is cool and effortless.

Adding a floor mirror and other wall art gives this room even more glamorous appeal.

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